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Dear women, here are some things the modern Indian man doesn’t mind anymore

Lifestyle: India might be an unsafe country for women, but lots of men don’t really care about the length of the skirt or how frequently they drink. Men nowadays are much more sensible, sensitive and respectful towards women. Here are few things the Indian man has risen above.


We wouldn’t think any less of you just because you’ve had sex with someone before us. We no longer think your dignity lies in your vagina. In a lot of relationships nowadays, virginity is not even a topic of discussion anymore.

Past Relationships

As long as you’re trustworthy, honest and faithful to us, it doesn’t matter how many people you’ve been with before. A lot of us have been in relationships ourselves and have walked out when things didn’t work out, and we see nothing wrong with it, whether it is a man or a woman in question.


If it’s okay for us to drink, it’s no different for you either. Those of us, who dislike smokers and drinkers, do so irrespective of gender. We’re completely okay with women drinking, as long as they do it responsibly and be safe.

Working Late Hours

How late in the night the cab drops you home doesn’t determine your character as a woman. We’ve risen above the societal norms of what is ‘cultured’ and what is not. Well, a lot of us, at least.

The Clothes You Wear

We do realize that there can be no justification to molestation and rape, and most definitely not the length of your skirt. We don’t think you’re asking for it if you’re roaming about in a mini skirt. Your clothes are totally your choice and we give you full credibility for being sensible enough to judge what to wear and when.

Paying the Bill

Dates aren’t about who pays what. You wanting to split the bill don’t shatter our ego. Neither would our masculinity feel threatened if you want to take the steering wheel. In fact, we enjoy just sitting next to you, doing nothing just as we love driving ourselves!

You Earning More than Us

There’s more to our masculinity than just our salary package. You earning more than us is not shameful, it is a matter of pride. In fact, given the pressure on a man to be the breadwinner, it would be comforting to know there’s someone to depend on financially.


A healthy amount of flirting is completely fine with us. We don’t judge every girl who hangs out with a bunch of men to be a whore. Everybody likes attention at times, and it is alright to be in touch with your flirtatious side.


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