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A trip to Kasol

The beauty of northern east India collects at a dreamily destination which defines its natural untouched beauty which is just not possible to explain in the words.

Kasol, the beauty of himachal which is situated very close to the Sikh shrine of Manikaran. It has some feature to its hat as well. It is famous amongst the Israelis and Italian tourists. The place still carries its traditions and protects their environment.


Some of my friends and me planned a trip to kasol, although it was not a huge educational trip but this trip was one of the most enjoyable trip. We all assembled at my place at jaipur and get ready to leave for kasol. It was around 798 km away, with some 15 hrs journey. We stopped at several rest points and dhabas. As we travelled, we spotted farms in Punjab and Haryana, the scenic beauty of the mountains and most importantly a dam and a mini landslide.

On the midway of journey, we also stopped at kullu, the place offered us a mind – blowing experience. Then after 14 hrs of journey we reached into a hotel. It was 3km before kasol, but you could not get there easily by road. We have to trek down cross a river in order to reach at hotel. Trekking down in the dark using mobile touches, crossing the river was one of the most adventurous dinner and sleep all night.

Next morning, we ate breakfast and went to the spectacular river site to soak up a little of its beauty. Dipping feet in the river, watching the waves and listing to the sound of the river was great.

Then we cheked out from hotel to explore the famous Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara located by river, also visited the hot spring that lets out boiling water 365 days in year. Steam coming from hot spring water. We had langar and made a way to kasol.

Kasol has a great market for clothes, including jacket, kurtas, gloves, and trekking gear. So, we indulged tin a little shopping when we were there .We also checked some cafes including Mama café and Shiva café . Then we planned to attend a rave party near Parvati valley. The combination of both natural and music was unexplainable we met several foreigners and had fun.

We didn’t have the time to go and explore much, but it was worth the trip anyway. The trip was one of the most mesmerizing experiences of my life.

– Chitra Rajawat

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