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CIDESCO Calls on the Industry Worldwide to Improve Beauty and Spa Therapist Education and Training

NEW DELHI: LTA School of Beauty, India’s largest international beauty academy launched its operations inNew Delhiwith the opening of its centre in the capital. LTA School of Beauty, which has been instrumental in standardization of beauty therapy education in India, is the largest producer of CIDESCO qualified professionals in India. During the launch ceremony at Professional Beauty Delhi, Ms. Vaishali Shah, Director, LTA School of Beauty called the entire beauty industry to come together so as to raise the standard of beauty therapy education in India.


Unlike other education sectors, beauty therapy education lacks appropriate standardisation in India to match international standards and it is time to bring in a uniform system with structured course curriculum and certifications so as to help grow this industry. This industry is growing rapidly and for keeping pace with the industry we need to produce professionals matching with international standards in this sector. The sub-standard education hurts the ambition of working professionals as well as discourages salon employers by affecting the quality of services at the customer’s end. Today we are competing with the world and our people are working across the globe. We should empower our people with best beauty education and standards so that they are acceptable in the world market,said Ms.Vaishali Shah. The Mumbai-based educational institute, LTA School of Beauty has 11 centres across the country and is affiliated with CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy.

The standards in therapist training and education vary enormously around the world, with some highly-developed countries falling far below basic requirements. As a result, salon and spa owners are finding it increasingly difficult to source and recruit suitable staff members, resulting in a slowdown of their businesses and the development of the industry at large.

To bring the industry to an acceptable level of quality, CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy, is encouraging its members to lobby their country authorities to improve on the entry level for therapist training that is currently in place.

In some countries, such as the UK, a beauty therapist as young as 16 years can be ‘officially’ qualified by state-funded courses in a matter of months while in others, like South Africa, it can take up to three years.

Australia has training programs which are assessed at competency, meaning that a student can be competent in a short time with no experience – all assessments are carried out by the training institute with no external assessment. As a result, the beauty industry in Australia is generally unhappy about the standard of training of prospective employees.

In the USA, training varies from State to State, with some difficulties experienced in the portability of a qualification between States. Generally, courses are taught in modules there, creating specialists in, for example, nails or waxing or massage, which means the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy full qualification is only found in accredited schools.

In countries such as China and India, a CIDESCO course can be completed within one year. After their year of training, they will complete an additional 600 hours of salon experience. This expands their knowledge, prior to receiving their Diploma. But in India, there are institutes and corner training centres that offer courses on varied structure with no accreditation. This creates huge knowledge gaps, practice problems, employment issues for working professionals as well as employers. “In India, even a professional considered as highly trained sometimes lacks in basic understanding of physiology, anatomy and skin science. We need a complete restructuring of beauty education as per the standards worldwide; otherwise our working professionals miss their share in this growing sector, commented Hariom Tyagi, Director-, India’s largest platform for salons, spa and makeup artists.

Anna-Cari Gund, CIDESCO International President commented, Even as the beauty industry continues to evolve, it’s astonishing to see the different levels of standards found between examining bodies and countries. The difference between, for example, Scandinavia and the UK is unparalleled in terms of attitude. Here at CIDESCO, we want to change this perspective and so we are calling on our Head of Sections worldwide to challenge local educational authorities and make the changes needed to encourage greater respect for beauty and spa therapy education and an improved experience for customers. The ability of a therapist is a direct reflection on the educational system of examining bodies. It’s important to ensure that the standards are high and the exams taken are really testing the students’ knowledge to result in the best qualified therapists that the industry has to offer.

Whilst CIDESCO calls on all examining bodies and training providers to raise their standards, it’s important to remember that responsibility also falls at the feet of the student. CIDESCO encourages students to include the CIDESCO qualification in their training programme by choosing a college which offers this examination. As a result, CIDESCO will ensure that individuals, training in the beauty and spa industry, will see this as a long-standing, valuable and well-respected qualification, giving them a highly rewarding career within the beauty and spa industry.

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