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Delivering a Personal Touch With Animated Card Presentations

BANGALORE and MOUNTAIN VIEW, California (Agency): Inksedge, the leader in designer personalised event communications, announces the launch of their electronic card service (E-Cards) along with E-Card collections, apt for formal communications such as wedding invitations and corporate New Year greetings. Personalised E-Cards are delivered via email and WhatsApp. They are presented to guests in beautiful animations, marking the wishes they want to convey as particularly special. These E-Cards are now available on Inksedge’s website.

According to the Internet Society, Internet penetration in India has rapidly increased in the past few years to an estimated 460 million Internet subscribers, 75% of whom are between the ages of 18 and 35 years. 43% of brides in India choose to send E-Cards for weddings alongside their printed invitations, reflecting the fact that most people in India are now accessible via electronic means, typically email or WhatsApp, more easily than in person or by post. Inksedge is already established as a popular invitations and cards e-commerce player providing premium quality printed cards and with this new animated E-Card product, consumers can access the same premium quality in an efficient and economical format. Inksedge E-Cards can be easily personalised online, forwarded to many recipients at once via email and WhatsApp and the recipients see a beautiful presentation that mirrors the formality of opening a well-designed physical card.


“Many of our customers choose to send their formal invitations in the form of E-Cards as a precursor or follow up to their printed invitations,” says Swathi Kulkarni, General Manager of Inksedge India, “But increasingly, customers are sending printed cards to a subset of their guests and E-Cards to the rest to get around the time consuming process of collecting postal addresses for far-flung relatives and clients. Inksedge E-Cards thus allows customers to stay within a budget without sacrificing the special moment they wish to create as they present their invitations and cards.”

The Inksedge E-Card offering also includes extensive guest management features for the hosts. Hosts can add and save email addresses and phone numbers of their guests (for future use) often required when some events are spread over multiple days. The guest management system also allows hosts to keep track of whether invitations are delivered, opened and responded to. The RSVP feature helps the hosts keep count of the number of guests attending the event to plan food, travel and accommodation and hence, avoid wastage. On a more sentimental note, hosts treasure their individualised online comment wall that tracks guests’ blessings and best wishes, saved for them to come back and review at leisure. Namita Khande, an early Inksedge E-Card customer, announced to her friends on Facebook that she found this latest product very useful, “Inksedge’s E-wedding cards: much recommended!”

Inksedge’s versatile design collections allow users to choose the perfect designs for all occasions, including their most formal ones. The latest addition to their catalogue, New Year E-Greetings, has several options where customers can add a favourite family photo, providing a medium to share their year’s memories as keepsakes for their closest friends. Customers can schedule their New Year wishes to go out at midnight on New Year’s day, which is handy in this busy festive season. Business clients value lively designs that can be easily personalised and scheduled to go out on a date of their choosing, a tremendous help as staffing is thin over the festive season.

Inksedge has made their exquisite collections accessible to all by pricing the E-Cards at a fraction of the cost of printed cards available on the company’s website. So, head on there, check out limited period offers on Inksedge E-Cards and find the best match.

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