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Google launched PhotoScan App to digitize old photographs

Google has unveiled PhotoScan App for the users so that they will be able to get their old memories. Through this new app the user can easily scan any photo from anywhere.  The user can download it in iPhones and Android phones as well.

PhotoScan app utilizes the phone’s camera to take an old photo in four sections and joins them together similar to panorama shot.


The app also saves color in faded photos as well as makes the corner of the photograph aligned when the photo print is curved. The user can scan the photographs in a single tap so that the photographs will be made of high quality.

The customer can save digitized version of photographs of up to 16 megapixels.

Google has come up with three new features to improve the picture quality: a new and improved auto enhance, unique new looks, and advanced editing tools. Simply open a photo and then tap the pencil icon to start editing.

The Auto Enhance feature improves the balancing exposure and saturation of the photograph while the Unique new looks features adjusts the brightness, darkness, warmth, or saturation of the photograph.

Moreover, the third feature controls the Light and Color of the photos  including highlights, shadows, and warmth.

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