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Parineeti Chopra’s New Mantra for Oiling her Hair – ‘Load Mat Lo’

MUMBAI: Parineeti Chopra Recommends Using the Light and Non-sticky Bajaj Almonds Drops Hair Oil for Hair Nourishment Over Other Heavy and Sticky Hair Oils in New TVC


India’s no. 1 brand in Light Hair Oil category, Bajaj Almond Drops has just signed on a new brand ambassador, actress Parineeti Chopra, for their new campaign ‘Load Mat Lo’.

The brand, through its core insight of ‘Light is Strong’, is trying to break the myth that only heavy and sticky hair oils are nourishing for hair, by presenting the Almond Drops Hair oil which despite being a light non-sticky hair oil, still has extra Vitamin E and hence helps in making your hair stronger without causing stickiness.

The creative idea titled ‘Load Mat Lo’ has made a clever play on the life observation that people take a lot of ‘load’ on very small issues in life. And this behaviour of taking unnecessary load is prevalent even in the most common routine – oiling hair with heavy sticky oil. It not just makes your hair feel greasy but also head feels heavy, literally adding ‘load’ on your head.

In the new TV spot, Parineeti urges people to experience the light and non-sticky hair oil without having to put up with the load of ‘bhari, chip-chipa’ oils which is not only uncomfortable but may also not be as nourishing for dry hair as Bajaj Almond Drops.

The brand is excited to sign on Parineeti because she is the true epitome of a modern Indian woman who tries to look beyond the prevalent myths of life and search for proper answers. Her recent transformation into a leaner yet stronger physique is a strong testimonial to the same belief. Also, Parineeti’s personality as an energetic, high performance actress resonates truly well with the brand’s values of confidence and superior performance when it comes to hair care.

Even Parineeti is thrilled to be associated with the No.1 light hair oil brand in India. During the behind-the-scenes of the Ad shoot, Parineeti had the following to talk about her association with the brand.

Says Parineeti, “I love my hair because it is a key aspect of my personality. But as an actress my hair is exposed to excessive heat and dryness due to regular styling, blow-drying, etc. So, to nourish my hair and make them strong, I rely upon Bajaj Almond drops hair oil. It has Almond oil and Vitamin E and its light and non-sticky texture is perfect for me.”

On launching the campaign even during the demonetization phase, Mr. Sandeep Verma – President, S&M at Bajaj Corp says, “We believe that this cash crunch led slowdown is temporary and instead of waiting for it to pass, we will continue to strongly invest behind our brands to drive offtakes harder and deliver long term benefits for the brand. Also, being the industry leader on light hair oils, it is our prime duty to keep the momentum going for the category and ensure greater benefits for the brand when the cash situation eases in a few weeks from now.”

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