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Talent Demand Grew by 10% in November 2016 After a Sluggish two Months

NEW DELHI: Hiring regained its momentum and surged by 10% in November 2016. This is the highest month-on-month rise reported in 2016, so far. Prior to this, August had seen an 8% rise in talent demand.


“It is refreshing to see a positive change in the recruitment trend as RecruiteX year-on-year data trends show this November spike is quite exceptional, as November had been a slow hiring month since 2011. The data also shows a remarkable increase in travel and hospitality segment – showing the large potential the Tourism sector can play in boosting jobs and the Indian Economy. Infrastructure, petrochemicals and IT are the other areas which have contributed significantly to this exceptional rise in talent demand in November 2016,” says Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Business Solutions.

Key takeaways

  • Travel & hospitality sector posted a 21% rise in talent demand.
  • Hospitality professionals reported a 13% rise in demand.
  • Chandigarh witnessed a 12% rise in talent demand.
  • Candidates with over 20 years of experience posted an 8% rise in demand.

Travel & Hospitality are the top hiring sectors

Travel and hospitality were the top hiring sectors of the month, followed by the projects and infrastructure sectors. The travel and hospitality industry posted a 21% rise in talent demand in November 2016. The infrastructure sector saw an 18% rise in talent demand during the month. Petrochemicals also saw a 17% rise and IT, telecom sector witnessed a 12% rise in talent demand during the month.

Hotel Management professionals in demand

Hotel Management and Hospitality professionals saw a double-digit rise during the month. As a result of increased hiring activity in the travel and hospitality sector, demand for hospitality professionals reported a 13% rise in demand in November 2016. IT and telecom professionals posted a 5% rise; accounting, finance, entertainment, media and journalism profiles also saw a 3% rise in demand during the month.

Chandigarh is the best performing city

Talent demand saw the highest growth in Chandigarh. The city posted a rise of 12% in talent demand during November 2016. Lucknow followed with an 11% rise in talent demand. Among states, Chhattisgarh and Haryana saw a 20% and 18% rise in talent demand, respectively, during the month.

“As the Digital Economy removes geographic barriers, the rise in demand for professionals in cities like Chandigarh and Lucknow shows a change in the demographics of these markets. This is a clear indication for job seekers to explore career opportunities in these upcoming job hubs,” adds Roy.

Demand rises for experienced professionals

The demand for professionals with over 20 years of experience reported an 8% rise during November 2016. Professionals with 10-20 years of experience also witnessed a 3% rise in demand while those with less than 2 years of experience reported a 2% rise in demand during November 2016.

Download the complete Report at http://content.timesjobs.com/docs/RecruiteXNov2016.pdf


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