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Tete-a-tete with Mahi Agarwal, Author, ‘Manners to Life’

(Interview of Mahi Agarwal with Business Sandesh Group)

  • How did ‘Manners to Life’ happen?

Mahi:  I was building stories while playing with dolls and my mother used to listen. One day she was talking to a publisher and I asked her, Can I also publish my book on manners? She called Mr. Chetan Jain and asked me to speak to him and tell what actually I think and want. He liked my words and asked me to mail my stories to him.For the first time, I mailed to someone in life.I had only heard about it. Now I have my email I’d.

  • What was the biggest challenge you faced while writing ‘Manners to life’ ?

Mahi: I had written some 10 stories and only nine got selected. I had to wait for the publisher to say yes. Online sites were there to upload my book but since UBH is a leading publisher of India I had to wait a lot. I got to know that stories are understood, liked and then published. I learned patience.

  • When are you releasing your next book?

Mahi: I don’t know, I am half the way and busy in my school studies also I will finish it by year end and get it published.

  • What you say, as morals might not be a moral for a person? What do you think when your story is criticized for its moral?

Mahi: I take criticism as a part of life. My morals are very common and basic which are missing in the society now. Like kids are offered cold drinks and not milkshakes in birthday parties. So I convey in my creative way to drink more milk. I have told that we should offer seat to elders in bus as they are weak and we are strong. Sometimes we become inhumane and we don’t realize so ‘Manners to Life’ is just a revisit to humanity.

  • How you thought of the title of the book ‘Manners to Life’?

Mahi: I was thinking of titles and I realized that the book is about basic manner which are necessary for life and they can make you humble, strong and lovable in the society. So i named it ‘Manners to Life’.

  • Tell us something about your next book.

Mahi: ‘Learn from Amazing Animals’ is my second book. It’s about those animals who have peculiar traits and act strong and wise in tough conditions.

  • Tell us about your interest in studies.

Mahi: I study properly in class and play properly at home. I am more interested in artwork, creative things and friends. But, I make sure that I study during exam time. I just don’t want to join tuition classes and I automatically study enough at home so that no tuitions are required later. My teachers are amazing teachers and they give best of their knowledge. I am blessed that I am studying in a good school where we are loved and cared so well.

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