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Workshop on ATA Carnet by FICCI

New Delhi: Mr. P.S. Pruthi, Former Member, Customs Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT) and Mr. A.K. Pandey, Asst. Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax, Nagpur interacted with the participants of the Workshop on ATA Carnet and responded to several queries while clarifying doubts on the operational aspects of ATA Carnet. The workshop was organized by FICCI in association with Nagpur Chamber of Commerce Limited, Nagpur.

Highlighting the importance of the workshop for the local export community Mr. Kailash Jogani, President, Nagpur Chamber of Commerce Limited stated during his opening remarks that, “The workshop is a great initiative by FICCI in educating people on the use of Carnet and appreciating the value it brings to the export community.”


Mr. Nirankar Saxena, Senior Director, FICCI introduced a brief on the ATA Carnet System and about FICCI. He said that ATA Carnet is a joint initiative of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF), which initiated the ATA Carnet (ATA and Istanbul Conventions). He added that WCO and WCF/WATAC jointly administer the ATA carnet system worldwide and it ensures its smooth functioning and helps to promote its use and expansion throughout the World.

World over 76 countries have recognized the Carnet system. In India, FICCI has been entrusted the work of issuing Carnets to the trade and industry. Entertainment, gem and jewellery, automobile, engineering, leather and individual design artists were some of the important sectors using Carnets, he said.

Ms. S. Vijayalakshmi, Joint Director, FICCI spoke on ATA Carnet and its introduction, its analysis and its roles towards a smooth transit from one country to another. She said commercial samples, professional equipment and goods meant for fairs and exhibits could be exported or imported under Carnet. She also spoke on documents to be endorsed by customs at the time of export and re-export from a foreign country and about rights and obligations of a carnet holder. She also explained the online procedures involved to get an ATA Carnet issued from FICCI.

The workshop drew participation from industry experts, extensive representation from export promotion councils, film associations, freight forwarding companies, customs house agents, fair and exhibition organizers. This event provided exporters and business experts with a unique opportunity to share their mutually beneficial knowledge and experiences. The industry discussed issues involved with respect to temporary imports of goods and drew benefit from the deliberations of the sessions.

ATA Carnet is a temporary admission document, which simplifies the customs procedures and clearances in a foreign country, without paying duty or a bank guarantee for temporary import into that country. Like a passport for goods, ATA Carnet allows for the goods for which it was issued to enter any of the participating countries for up to one year. An ATA Carnet holder can avoid customs declaration and can do away with security deposit or guarantee in the country of temporary importation. In India, FICCI is the sole National Guarantor for ATA Carnets.

ATA Carnet covers several areas for use including trade fairs, shows, exhibitions, meetings etc. for temporary export into a country, which is a signatory to the conventions governing ATA Carnets. Goods must be re-exported out of every country and re-imported into India within a year. At present 76 countries recognize ATA Carnet, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, UAE, UK and USA.


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